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From "Matt Willsher" <>
Subject [Studio] Can't add new entry under Vista x64 and Java 1.6.0_07 in Studio 1.2.0
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 23:19:29 GMT

I've just downloaded Studio 1.2.0 and from first impressions it seems very good.

However, I can't add an entry using either the context menu entry  the
tool bar drop down. Selecting it does nothing unless occassionally
nothing is selected in the LDAP Browser and I get a message say I need
to select an entry.

Additionally, going to File -> New... gives a window with options, but
clicking any of them causes the top Apache DS entry to disappear and
makes the others unselectable. The only way out is to cancel.

I've had a look through the FAQ and bug list. seems sort of
related but that, if I understand correctly is fixed in 1.2.0

Any help would greatly appreciated. If any more information is
required such as stack dumps etc. please give instructions on how they
can be obtained as I'm not too familiar with Eclipse/Java.


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