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From Brian Burch <>
Subject Re: accessControlEnabled in server.xml does not seem to be working
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 11:37:06 GMT
I have just made a fresh install of version 1.5.4 from the deb. I 
started with a clean partition and then customised it using my 
collection of ldif's. I am very pleased to report that 
accessControlEnabled is now working properly on my directory.

However, server startup still does not log this important property and 
still seems to be logging the wrong value for allowAnonymousAccess.

I would like to run the server under a debugger and try to provide you 
with a fix for these logging issues. However, I just checked out the 
source from the trunk and "mvn install" fails because package 
org.bouncycastle.jce.provider and org.bouncycastle.x509 do not exist... 
I would have expected your maven pom.xml to resolve these dependencies 
and load the jar into my local cache. Is this my problem or yours?

Also, I can only find a server.xml in 
apacheds/server-xml/src/main/resources/. Do I need to change this file 
when I run the server under my netbeans debugger, or will it still look 
in /var/lib/default/conf? (i.e. where is the path defined?).



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