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From Rich Remington <>
Subject Re: weird caching behavior?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 17:50:39 GMT
Thanks for the feedback!  It appears that I need to try the upgrade as I 
do have the synchOnWrite=true already.  Where can I find 1.5.4 today?

Also, I am still confused about the scenario I am experiencing.  The 
webapp is the one responsible for making the password change, which is 
then seen by the Studio app right afterward.  So, if the cache has the 
change, it seems that the cache should be used for future bind requests 
by either the webapp or Studio.  It really shouldn't matter if it has 
hit the disk yet, should it?


Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Rich Remington wrote:
>> I am running Mac OSX.  The file system write issue does not make 
>> sense to me if I can see the change has occurred using Apache Dir 
>> Studio before the reboot.
> The problem is that you are still hitting the cache :) So it does not 
> prove anything ...
>>   I *could* try the upgrade to 1.5.3, but *should* I?  How stable is 
>> that version compared to 1.5.3?
> We are just releasing 1.5.4 today (the announcement is not yet done, 
> but will be tomorrow). So, yes, you *should*, becuase 1.5.x is way 
> better than 1.0.x.
>> Just a thought... if the webapp (Spring Security) pools the 
>> connection and keeps it alive with the old password, could that 
>> explain the scenario?
> Hmmmm. I don't know... If you stop the server, start it again, and you 
> don't see the password using Studio, then that mean the password has 
> not been saved on disk.
>> I am not positive that a new bind request is actually flowing to 
>> Apache DS - can I see all bind attempts in the log file?
> You have to set the logs to the correct level to get such an information.

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