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From Rich Remington <>
Subject Re: weird caching behavior?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 16:21:15 GMT
I am running Mac OSX.  The file system write issue does not make sense 
to me if I can see the change has occurred using Apache Dir Studio 
before the reboot.  I *could* try the upgrade to 1.5.3, but *should* I?  
How stable is that version compared to 1.5.3?

Just a thought... if the webapp (Spring Security) pools the connection 
and keeps it alive with the old password, could that explain the 
scenario?  I am not positive that a new bind request is actually flowing 
to Apache DS - can I see all bind attempts in the log file?  Has anyone 
else seen this with Spring Security or pooling of LDAP connections?


Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Rich Remington wrote:
>> I am curious is there is an article/example that describes how to 
>> deal with the following scenario:
>>   1. User logs into webapp that uses Spring Security (v2.0.3) backed by
>>      Apache DS 1.0.2.
>>   2. Webapp (via an ESB service) changes password in LDAP
>>        - using Apache Dir Studio (v1.1.0), I can see the password has
>>      changed in the directory
>>   3. After a logout from webapp, a quick attempt to login with new
>>      password fails, but using the old password works.
>> It turns out that I need to reboot Apache DS to affect the password 
>> change in the webapp.  A reboot of the webapp after step 3 has no 
>> affect.
> You have to check that the files handling the data are written on 
> disk. You may have pb with your file system writes. Otherwise, there 
> is a cache, yes, but you can tell the server to sync on write (there 
> is a flag in the partition configuration : <property 
> name="synchOnWrite" value="true" />).
> It may also be a bug in ADS 1.0.2...

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