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From Brian Burch <>
Subject Re: accessControlEnabled in server.xml does not seem to be working
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 10:34:30 GMT
Thanks for taking interest, Emmanuel.

Lets try to keep this as a small self-contained topics to help others 
find solutions to their own problems.

I have attached the log for directory startup and the associated 
server.xml. You will see allowAnonymousAccess="true", although it is 
logged as false. Also accessControlEnabled="true" but it is not logged 
at all.

A) I presume this logging occurs when the properties are processed 
during initialisation and so does not depend on the contents of my 

B) Because the documentation was not helpful (a week ago), I had to use 
my judgement to change the sample server.xml to get my own directory 
root created ( The directory runs fine, so I assume I got 
it mostly right, but it is possible (not likely) that I broke the 
properties in question.

C) How can I discover the state of the accessControlEnabled property on 
my running directory? Why is it not logged during initialisation?

D) You are probably running the 1.5.4 candidate, so can you tell me if 
these two properties are being logged correctly on your own system?



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