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From Brian Burch <>
Subject accessControlEnabled in server.xml does not seem to be working
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 13:27:21 GMT
I started converting my existing LDAP directory from fedora DS 
(originally netscape then iPlanet) to apacheDS 1.5.3 about 2 weeks ago 
(using the deb). I've worked my way around several deficiencies in the 
working copies of the documentation and intend to report them 
individually once my system is running and I'm confident I know what I 
am talking about...

I have my own directory running and have created all of my objects, some 
of which are fairly complex and involved extending the schema. I work 
entirely with ldif files because I can keep copies for documentation and 
I tend to distrust guis.

I have just defined an accessControlSpecific area for the root of my 
directory. I have also defined the two examples from your web site: 
enableSearchForAllUsers and allowSelfAccessAndModification.

I modified my server.xml to set accessControlEnabled true (the sample is 
set to false by default). When I restarted the server process, it does 
not log anything about the state of this particular property. However, I 
noticed following message in the log:

[08:24:45] INFO [] - 
Set the allowAnonymousAccess flag to false

This is puzzling me because I didn't change the defaultDirectoryService 
property allowAnonymousAccess from its as-shipped value of true!

Am I correct in concluding that BOTH these properties are not being set 
by my server.xml? Is this a bug, or has their location changed with 1.5.3?

Any clues would be appreciated,


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