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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject [ApacheDS] 1.5.3 install comments
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2008 19:39:08 GMT
I recently tried to upgrade to 1.5.3 (from 1.0.2). Some comments :-

With 1.0.2 I installed using the "Basic Users Guide" from the docs, and since 
I was installing on Linux used the "apacheds-1.0.0-linux-i386-setup.jar". 
This worked fine.
With 1.5.3 I thought I'd try the RPM. RPM installs fine. Sadly the "id" 
command isn't located for me. Would be nice if you'd check "/bin/id" since 
this is the location on Mandriva 200x.

The "Basic Users Guide" refers to this XXX-setup.jar file yet this isn't in 
evidence on the download page (for 1.5). Under "Starting and stopping the 
server" it goes on to describe the init.d start/stop process. This is 
incomplete with 1.5.x since you seemingly have to specify the instance 
(presumably in case there are multiple). Would be nice if the docs mentioned 
this fact. Would be better still if "default" was actually the *default* used 
by this command so there's no need to specify it ;-)

The "Basic Users Guide" goes on to describe how you'd set the port etc. It 
refers to some lines in server.xml, which don't exist (in 1.5.3). Perhaps it 
could either mention what they are in 1.5.3 if they have changed, or the 
provided server.xml would actually have some lines of that form (even 
commented out), otherwise people will think they've got the wrong server.xml 

Hope these can be incorporated so that the process is smoother for others.
Andy  (DataNucleus -

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