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From "Martynas Brijunas" <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS 1.2 underscore in attrib name problem
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 20:12:05 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

that little problem that I faced today is certainly not worth much
attention. I circumvented it by using another tool, it was a one-off
operation. And, we ARE moving away from OID :) My intention was to do
my part of the bargain and to report a problem so that my favourite
tool can become even better.

2008/8/27 Emmanuel Lecharny <>:
> Martynas Brijunas wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> The fact that the DS is used in various environments is a testament to
>> the versatility and quality of the code. Take any OS, plug DS into
>> Eclipse and you have a first class LDAP browser. I would hate to give
>> up DS just because I have to deal with OID. I simply have not found a
>> better LDAP tool.
> Thanks :) But Alex's feeling is just that, as he founded the Apache
> Directory Server 6 years ago, he does not understand why we are killing
> ourselves to develop some good quality project for free when some really
> wealthy companies like Oracle simply ignore some part of the RFCs... That's
> it. Justice for him : it's not funny to have to 'pollute' ADS just because
> the others !
>> The open source is famous for circumventing various obstacles imposed
>> by commercial vendors - Oracle including.
> because you can't count on those big companies to have the agility of OSS
> developpers :)
> That being said, we totally understand that you have to deal with OID, it's
> probably even not your choice, and we will try to find some time to
> introduce the OID compatibility, but you have to know that it's not an easy
> fix, and it will take time (maybe months)
> Of course, if Oracle want to pay us to develop the fix ASAP, np at all : we
> are all reachable through the mailing list ;)
> Hope it helps !
> --
> --
> cordialement, regards,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny
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