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From David Leangen <>
Subject Re: OSGi UserAdmin service backed by ApacheDS
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 07:24:18 GMT

> We too would love to see a UserAdmin as well as a ConfigAdmin  
> service backed
> by ApacheDS.  It's only natural.


Ok, thank you, Alex.

(Long time no e, BTW...)

To be honest, I have not really looked at Apache DS yet, though it's  
been on my todo list for a very long time. In fact, I just subscribed  
to this list only now.

I need to start implementing "proper" user management and  
authorization in my purely OSGi-based system. Before I go off on the  
wrong track, is there anything you can recommend to me? For instance,  
rather than starting from scratch, is there a good API and maybe even  
implementation that I could use?

I need to consider user, groups, permissions, roles, and all the  
"usual suspects".

Ideally, since this is an OSGi-backed system, I would like to use  
UserAdmin et al., but UserAdmin does not go so far as what I'm looking  
for. I am very interested in using the Apache DS implementations in  
the backgroun once they are ready.

Thanks for any advice!

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