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From Eugen Paraschiv <>
Subject regarding ACI
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2008 15:36:33 GMT
- I've been trying to customize the ACI rules for my DIT; the structure 
of my DIT is as follows:
    - the users are entries of the type /iNetOrgPerson/
    - each user has it's own structure: an /ou=contacts/ which again has 
a substructure: a list of entries of type /iNetOrgPerson/
- the main idea is that each member has it's own private address book
- of course I want each user to have access only to it's own private 
address book, and not the address books of the other users
- for now, I defined one ACIItem: for the /thisEntry/ I defined a rule 
which gives the user access to that entry it's attributes and the 
attribute values; this works OK (when I browse the entire structure from 
Studio, I can only see the attributes for the user with which I binded)
- now the problem: the next step of course be a rule to allow the 
current user (the one with which I bind) to not only access it's own 
entry, but all the subentries of that entry, which would be the logical 
behavior in the first place; to do this, I guess I would have to define 
a subtree with the entry of the current user as a root, so that I can 
then define the rule with allows the user access to that entire subtree. 
How do I go about doing that? If a ldif is needed, I will attach it to 
an email. Thank you. Eugen.

Eugen Paraschiv, Java Developer
Grigore Alexandrescu 52
Bucharest, 010626, Romania
Tel: +40728-896170; 

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