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From "Groot, Mathijs de \(IDT Competence Java\)" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] [Release] corrupting Windows when uninstalling!
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 10:44:29 GMT
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[ApacheDS] [Release] corrupting Windows when uninstalling!

Dear ApacheDS community / developers,

I'm currently looking into the LDAP services and possibilities trying to
find a suitable product for your current project.

But I'm really not amused with the result of the de-installation of
ApacheDS 1.5.2!

I was told to look into ApacheDS because it's a preferred product and a
well know name for a open source LDAP directory service.

First I'll explain the problem I encountered with uninstalling ApacheDS,
then my system details followed by a summary of my project context.

I was trying some things with ApacheDS, installing the 1.5.2 version and
the ApacheDS studio 1.1.0
I encountered many problems with learning about LDAP and the ApacheDS
server, mainly because the current basic guide does not math with the
configuration files of ApacheDS 1.5.2...
So I decided to install ApacheDS 1.0.2, this version was better in line
with the guides provided online, so this went so far so good. 
With the great organization structure I have to implement in an LDAP
server, where none of the different branches have any  authorization of
relationship with other branches is decided to install a second ApacheDS
server 1.5.2 with a other path in the program file folder, hereby I was
trying to create and second ApacheDS Windows service where I could
implement a second organizational structure.
(It didn't work this way unfortunately )

When I wasn't pleased with the current configuration and content of the
ApacheDS servers I decided to uninstall and reinstall the instances.

But when this was completed, Windows was corrupted and wasn't able to
boot anymore.
I was basically unable to use my system anymore!

I did some research into this problem, with the result that I had to
reinstalling two systems, but found the problem. 

Step by step:

-          Installing ApacheDS 1.0.2

-          Installing ApacheDS studio 1.1.0

-          Installing ApacheDS 1.5.2

-          Installing ApacheDS 1.5.2 with a different program file
folder name

-          Uninstalling the ApacheDS 1.5.2 server with the different
folder name

-          Deleting this folder from the program files folder

-          Uninstalling the first ApacheDS 1.5.2 server


-          Windows unable to boot

-          ntldr missing (NT Loader, this will run after the Master Boot
Record to locate your operating system)

- missing

this is based on the test I've run the past days (I don't draw quick
and see the following screenshot:
[screenshot left out, last 3mails were unable to be delivered with this


Current System details:

Windows XP Pro, service pack 2
Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 @ 2.40GHz, 3 GB RAM memory.
All Basic programs are installed like Microsoft Office, virus scan and
other normal products.
No other servers or services are currently installed.


Summary of my project details

Im working for Logica ( based in the Netherlands. The
project I'm working on called "Digimeente" (Dutch for: Digital
Municipalitie), we'll make portals where citizens can put in complains
and requests to the local authorities.

The portals will be implemented by 8-30 Municipalities in a timeline of
two years.

The project is completely open source and can be found on sourceforge
<>   ). 
A part is based on the ePlatform. A framework build by Logica and is
open source as well,
<>  ,
=3572>  .

I won't bore you with numbers but it's a big project.

I'm a Java developer, currently with the task to select, implement and
roll out a central LDAP server, where the authorization, groups, roles
and users for all Municipalities and users of the Digimeente product are
stored and accessed.

Main issues are:
Creating own schema's and objects in the LDAP server.
Working out the synchronisation with the different LDAP servers from all
the municipalities (openLDAP, ApacheDS, Windows Active Directory and so
Preferably select an open source product. 
the Server has to be Reliable, high availability, scalable
must implement/ support LDAPv3. 

 I hope I've informed you enough and gave you enough information.

With this email I hope this bug/problem will be resolved in ApacheDS

And I hope this way to get more information, suggestions, advice or
solutions to help me with my current project.
Any advice is currently welcome to support me with my project.


Best regards,


Mathijs de Groot



Mathijs A. de Groot
Consultant - Software Engineer

Logica - Releasing your potential 

Kralingseweg 241 - 249
3062 CE Rotterdam
Postbus 8566
3009 AN Rotterdam
T:  +31 (0) 10 253 7000
D:   +31(0) 70 37 56627
E: <> <> 

Logica Nederland B.V.
Registered office in Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Registration Number Chamber of Commerce: 33136004


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