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From "Joshua J. Kugler" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Support for server side sorting?
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 19:56:44 GMT
On Thursday 05 June 2008, Alex Karasulu said something like:
> > [I asked this on IRC but didn't get a reply after 18 hours, so
> > thought I'd try here. :) ]
> Ooops sorry about that.

No problem.

> > Hi!  I came across this page:
> > and
> > noticed it's missing an LDAP RFC.
> Yeah it's because we don't presently support it.

Oh, OK, but that page says "Here is a list of all LDAP related RFCs."    
That's why I was confused at its exclusion. Might want to change the 
wording. :)

> You need it badly? 

Well, kind of.  We've got a contract to create a common address book 
between two Windows AD domains.  Exporting the records and importing 
them into the LDAP server, and pointing Outlook at said server is easy.  
Searches work great.  To support browsing in Outlook, however, either 
server side paging AND server side sorting OR VLV must be supported.

> > Namely this one:
> >  Can anyone tell me if
> > Server Side Sorting of Search Results is supported by ApacheDS
> > 1.0.x? How about 1.5.x?
> Neither supports it currently sorry.  Can be added but it's going to
> be a PITA.

Yeah, I heard that the OpenLDAP guys said pretty much the same thing 
(OpenLDAP doesn't support sorting or VLV either, for the record).

Without dragging this down into nitty-gritty tech details, can you 
explain why implementing server-side sorting is such a pain?

Thanks for the quick replies!


Joshua Kugler
Part-Time System Admin/Programmer
PGP Key:  ID 0xDB26D7CE

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