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From "John Yesberg" <>
Subject Re: ADS 1.5.1 - howto add a new partition
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2008 07:17:22 GMT
I had trouble with this for a while.
You need to edit the server.xml. But the trick is that it's not c:\Program
Files\Apache Directory Server\conf\server.xml, it's c:\Program Files\Apache
Directory Server\instances\default\conf\server.xml.
It's not too hard to work out what to change in that file. I added the
following to the <partitions> section:
      <jdbmPartition id="newExample" cacheSize="100" suffix="dc=acme"
          <jdbmIndex attributeId=""
          <jdbmIndex attributeId=""
          <jdbmIndex attributeId=""
          <jdbmIndex attributeId=""
          <jdbmIndex attributeId=""
          <jdbmIndex attributeId=""
          <jdbmIndex attributeId=""
          <jdbmIndex attributeId="dc" cacheSize="100"/>
          <jdbmIndex attributeId="ou" cacheSize="100"/>
          <jdbmIndex attributeId="krb5PrincipalName" cacheSize="100"/>
          <jdbmIndex attributeId="uid" cacheSize="100"/>
          <jdbmIndex attributeId="objectClass" cacheSize="100"/>

That is, a cut and paste changing (a) the id from "example" to "newExample",
(b) the suffix to "dc=acme", and (c) the contextEntry to
Then I added a newExampleContextEntry spring bean down lower. Again, it was
a cut and paste of the exampleContextEntry, changing (a) the id, and (b) the
value to "dc=acme" towards the end.

  <spring:bean id="newExampleContextEntry"

    <spring:property name="targetObject"><spring:ref
    <spring:property name="arguments">
        <spring:value xmlns="">
          objectClass: top
          objectClass: domain
          objectClass: extensibleObject
          dc: example

Then restart the directory server. On windows, use the Services control
panel to do this.

Good luck.


On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 7:00 AM, Kiran Ayyagari <>

> hi Lego,
>   Which version of ADS you are using?
> Kiran Ayyagari
> Leo Galambos wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to add a new partition. I follow the documentation at
>> suggesting to find <property name="contextPartitionConfigurations"> and
>> add <bean id="examplePartitionConfiguration"...
>> Unfortunately, my server.conf does not include such tags, only
>> <defaultDirectoryService... or <systemPartition... etc.
>> I do think that the documentation of 1.5 is obsolete (does it describe ADS
>> 1.0 format?).
>> I found XSD document with some hints, but it is still hard to understand
>> all the bells and whistles (you know, I try ADS for the first time). Can you
>> point me to a right documentation or send a server.conf with a new added
>> partition, let's say "dc=ACME", please?
>> Thank you very much,
>> LG

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