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From "Eternach, Andreas (EXT)" <>
Subject DITStructureRules (was: General Question related to object containment)
Date Tue, 27 May 2008 14:15:15 GMT
Hi Emmanuel ,

Thank you for the reply, but I guess you are talking about object-inheritance (I was talking
about object-containment).

However, the link you posted gave me some more information:
It seems that I need to define DITStructureRules.

But how to accomplish this? The Schema-Editor of the "Apache Directory Studio" does not provide
functionality to generate DITStructureRules. 

In the meantime I figured out that there exists an objectClass metaDITStructureRule.
I can create instances of this class within my schema, but its just trial and error.

Anybody has more information?

Best regards and thanks in advance, 


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Von: Emmanuel Lecharny [] Im Auftrag von Emmanuel Lecharny
Gesendet: Dienstag, 27. Mai 2008 15:27
Betreff: Re: General Question related to object containment

Eternach, Andreas (EXT) wrote:
> Hi all,
Hi Andreas,
> i am quite new to LADP and Apache Directory Server. And i really hope
> you can help me with a containment question.
> I have created a new Schema, which defines just two object-classes (lets
> call them Product and ProductProperty).
> Of course ProductProperty is a child of Product, i.e. Products consist
> of ProductProperties.
> Therefore i need to ensure, that instances of ProductProperty may only
> be created below instances of Product.
If those two objectClasses are related by an inheritance relation, then 
there is no way you can use the child without using the parent. In order 
to describe this inheritence relation, you simply define the 
ProductProperty objectClass as the child of the Produc ObjectClass using 
the 'SUP' keyword.
> Does anyone know how to define such rules / restrictions? Is it defined
> in some RFC?
>, par. 2.4
> Thanks in advance, Andreas

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny

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