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From "Wim V" <>
Subject RE: setup apacheDS as a service in Linux
Date Sat, 24 May 2008 15:12:38 GMT

Which particular Linux distribution did you have in mind?
It depends on whether you use sys-V or BSD init style. 

If you use sys-V init scripts you use the utility update-rc.d to make
modifications to runlevel startups and shutdowns scripts and chkconfig to
check. Google on update-rc.d [your OS], you will surely find the procedure.

This article pretty much explains everything under the paragraph "runlevels", for BSD as well as sys-V systems.



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From: Pierre Smits [] 
Sent: donderdag 22 mei 2008 16:20
Subject: setup apacheDS as a service in Linux

Does anyone know how to set up apacheDS 1.5.2 as a service in Linux?

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