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From Harakiri <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS 1.52 Bad transition from state START_STATE, tag 0x80
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:53:55 GMT

thanks for the reply - 

--- Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

> The stack trace by itself don't tell a lot, except
> that a PDU can't be 
> decoded. It would be good to have more logs (for
> instance, by setting 
> the logs to DEBUG).

Im starting the server in embedded mode i.e without
spring framework - i did configure log4j to use debug
for all categories - but my console did not output
more messages - i guess i need to set some other log
framework for debug too - i try to get more messages

> A blind guess is that you are trying to use
> StartTLS, and there is a 
> problem with the extended request.

No, i explicitly tested both cases - with and without
ssl active. If i have ldaps active - outlook never
receives a response from apacheds - there are also no
messages in the error console - except when i close
outlook i will see some unbind exceptions.

LDAPS also works fine for Thunderbird and

Neither LDAP nor LDAPS work as i said in my
envirenment with Outlook clients

> Could you provide some more info, like the settings
> you are using in 
> Outlook ?

All default settings - i didnt change anything - that
is to say there isnt much to configure anyway except
search depth maybe which i didnt touch ? but its
always the defaults when you create a new directory -
i tested with and without searchbase/dn.

The embedded server im using is just starting the
DefaultDirectoryService with no additional partitions
- for my testing i only enable/disable LDAPS

I have an interceptor which just prints out the search
requests to console - and it doesnt even get there -
the exception is thrown before any search is called.

Maybe a tcpdump would help?


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