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From Harakiri <>
Subject Re: [SOLVED]Re: ApacheDS 1.52 Bad transition from state START_STATE, tag 0x80
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 15:19:45 GMT
--- Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> What would be very cool is to send us a quick report
> or 'howto' which 
> can be added to our wiki. This could be very
> helpfull for the few person 
> who are using Outlook (500 hundred millions ? ;)

The Standard Apache 1.5.2 distribution should work out
of the box with Outlook Clients for using LDAPS - the
only catch is the SSL certificate which is
automatically generated by apacheDS - it is neither
trusted by outlook - nor does it contain a valid
common name (the DNS name of the server).

To resolve this issue - the code i posted in the last
message is enough to get it to work - i.e.
administrators have to install a trusted ssl
certificate with a valid hostname they are connecting
to from their outlook clients - 
> Regarding the code, I would let Alex validate it.

The code works - i have installed my own SSL
certificate that way - just wanted to know if there is
an utility method like there was in 1.5.1.

The only minor issue now still left from 1.5.1 is the
unbind exception for certain ldap clients (Outlook
again) when you do a search.

ERROR - failed to unbind session properly

Its not an issue at all, just a bit ugly in the logs


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