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From "Wim V" <>
Subject Performance : ApacheDS and web applications
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 14:18:03 GMT

I want to use apachDS for user persistence in a web application.
How is the performance of apache DS (embedded or not) in the following
situation, which can exist if users are allowed to "register themselves" in
the directory :

- Large number of users (inetOrgPerson) in all in one ou (f.e. users)
- rdn consist of only one attribute, which is uid

Let's say I have 1.000.000 users or more and they all live in 
ou=sales, ou=css, ou=users, dc=theonlinecompany, dc=com
with a dn like 
uid=tomsr19878, ou=sales, ou=css, ou=users, dc=theonlinecompany, dc=com
(unless they are promoted)

A badly structured tree, that is.

More specifically my questions are these :

- What is performance in terms of lookup (number/second) of credentials and
authorities/group memberships?

- What is application performance in the given situation related to using
the classic backend :
		- Database server
		- 3 tables : users, groups (or units) and authorities
		- All 3 tables indexed.

- How does this situation affect performance of lookups in other units of
the same directory?

- Does apache support indexing of units (or something else maybe?)
(Was apacheDS in some way designed keeping this in mind?)

- Did anyone practically test ApacheDS in these conditions yet?
What were the results?

Thanks to everyone for all comments.

Wim Verreycken

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