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From Aleksandar Vidakovic <>
Subject Re: Kerberos configuration with wrong user DN...
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 14:57:27 GMT

just wanted to write a little follow-up concerning this thread:

1. ADS runs amazingly stable... ;-)
2. Configuration with JBoss container authentication, Liferay and
Alfresco runs like a charm

What does not work:

It turned out that the Kerberos authentication in Alfresco is still not
very stable; that's why the CIFS server does not work with ADS. I
decided to use Webdav for Windows clients; and this works perfectly.

ADS is running now for a week with no problems (ca. 10 users). In the
near future we will serve more users... I'll post my experiences here.

Thanks for this nice piece of software ;-)

Looking forward to the 2.0 release...



Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Aleksandar Vidakovic wrote:
>> Emmanuel,
>> does it make a difference if I'm using version 1.5.1 or 1.0.2 (except
>> the obvious configuration differences)?
> Well, 1.0 version is stable, but so stable that it's almost dead :) We
> won't carry new modifications or improvement in this version which is
> nearly 2 years old.
> Version 1.5.1 is 'unstable' by mean it's a version on which we are
> working, and adding new features. It's around 3 times faster than 1.0,
> as far less bugs, and us much more easy to configure (especially when it
> comes to extend the schema)
>> Because I was using 1.5.1 and after reading the articles on the website
>> a little bit more carefully it seems to me that 1.5.1 is some kind of
>> developer version...
> More or less, but we really think that it's much better than the 1.0
> version. You have to know that we run all the 1.0 tests on te 1.5
> version, and that we have more tests in 1.5 than in 1.0.
> So, yes, it's a developper version, but as we have release, it's
> considered as stable, except that we introduce new features in each
> minor version (1.5.1 to 1.5.2, for instance).
> This won't last forever, as we are migrating to 2.0 in the next few months.
>> Thanks again...
>> Cheers,
>> Aleks

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