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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: embedding Apache DS as a webapp
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 18:45:58 GMT
Hi Torgeir!

Torgeir Veimo wrote:
> I'm looking at the example shown here; 

> I've sort of gettng it to work by tweaking a bit with jar files, but I'm 
> also interested in packaging a server.xml file I've used with the 
> standalone ApacheDS setup. I had a look at 
> MutableServerStartupConfiguration to see if I could supply it with an 
> InputSource/Stream to server.xml, but it seems to only accept a File for 
> the working directory.
> Any idea how to accomplish this? I'm planning to include an already 
> configured DIT tree with data, and would require the webapp to run 
> exploded, in order to allow it to use data from within the WEB-INF 
> directory.

I have created the example basically for demonstration purposes. It is 
therefore as simple as possible. The server.xml file is a Spring bean 
definition file, hence Spring is necessary to start up the server. For 
embedded use, this is not necessary. The configuration is done 
programmatically then. This is exactly what I wanted to show.

Basically, it is possible to achieve all features available in the 
server.xml programatically as well. Spring is only used to wire the 
beans. The server.xml is a good option to configure the server without 
recompiling it. The example already takes advantage of the beans to some 
degree, like here:

// Set LDAP port to 10389
LdapConfiguration ldapCfg = cfg.getLdapConfiguration();

You can do more (I assume: everything).

Another option would be to deploy Spring with the webapp and modify the 
startup class (StartStopListener) to use the same startup style which is 
used standalone to fire up the server. In this case you may user the 
server.xml as well. Obviously, you have to reworkthe example for this.

If you just want to deploy some data with ApacheDS. There are several 
options. One is to provide an LDIF file for startup, which may be 
included in the war-File (I have not tried this out, but it would be 
nice to extend the example this way ...).

I hope this already helps a bit.
Greetings from Hamburg,

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