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From "Ron Aitchison" <>
Subject Re: LDAP tutorial pointing to ApacheDS
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 20:18:43 GMT
Thanks for the offers and as I get more stuff out there I will call upon
you for help. I'm in the middle of massive update to the on-line book and
the ApacheDS stuff is currently very modest but this should change quite
quickly over the next couple of weeks. I'm also giving an LDAP training
course in Europe in February and am going to be using ApacheDS as one of
the examples - in this case primarily but not exclusively because they are
a windows based crowd.
I am building up a list of questions and observations which I hope to be
able to share with you next week.
> Hi Ersin,
> thanks for pointing this open book !
> Ron has contacted us last year about his current proposal to work on a
> LDAP guide, and we found the idea absolutly great, even if we didn't had
> enough time to help him as we should have ...
> Here, now it's online, it would be a great idea to help him by reviewing
> the chapters. We should also try to fix what we don't support yet, like
> TLS ;)
> Thanks, Ersin, and Ron of course !
> Ersin Er wrote:
>> "Once upon a time OpenLDAP was the only game in the Open Source town.
>> It is still regarded as the LDAP reference implementation and remains
>> an excellent system with many production implementations and actively
>> developed. It is, however, no longer the only game in town. The
>> ApacheDS (Apache Directory Server) project has reached a state of
>> maturity which means it must now be taken seriously. Written in Java
>> and with an embedded database-engine, TLS and fully LDAPv3 compliant
>> and with some interesting ideas it is available natively on a wide
>> range of platforms. All future versions of this guide will
>> progessively introduce material describing the use of ApacheDS while
>> continuing to document OpenLDAP."
>> The site is also popular for its DNS guide (which has been published
>> as a book also):
> --
> --
> cordialement, regards,
> Emmanuel Lécharny

Ron Aitchison
Tel: 514-315-4296
6201 Chemin Cote St. Luc
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Hampstead QC Canada H3X 2H2

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