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From "Mittal, Nitin \(US - Mumbai\)" <>
Subject RE: Linking apacheDS with another LDAP server
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 11:14:13 GMT

I have now understood the concept of referrals and chasing,
However I am struggling with creating a referral entry in my apacheDS
because the documentation for creating referrals is still not available
on apacheDS website (maybe I can contribute something if I can get this

1.))  I created an entry with following classes :- top, extensibleObject
and referral 
However I am not sure about the format of value string for attribute
I tried following formats :-


But looks like nothing works. 
Can you please help me with the format of this information or point me
to an available documentation on creating referral entry using

2.)) One more question here :- If a correct referral entry is made into
the DIT, Will the LDAP browser show me the children of the remote
context there itself or not ? (I am using LDAPStudio browser)

3.)) Do I need to turn this referral feature on somehow before working
on this ?


Nitin Mittal
Technology Integration
Deloitte Consulting Offshore Technology Group
Tel: +91 22 6644-5745 (Direct)
Tel: +91 9323624353 (Mobile)
Tel: +91 22 6644-5000 (Main)

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From: Alex Karasulu [] 
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 10:34 PM
Subject: Re: Linking apacheDS with another LDAP server

I think there is also a referral chaining control out there somewhere or
least some discussion about it.
With referrals you still have to chase the referral: one server tells
that you have to contact another
server.  With this chaining control the original server you contacted
will go out and do the search for
the client on bar server.  The results are returned to your client as if
the entries came from foo server.

I guess this is the silver bullet that you're looking for.  But some
like JNDI can automatically
chase referrals I think (don't quote me here) so your client code which
it does not have to have
this logic.  So Stefan's remarks below are right on the money.  In
just check to see if JNDI
can do automatic referral chasing for you.


On 10/11/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
> The search term "referral" should help. It is a general LDAP concept
> the requirement you describe, and it is supported (among others) by
> ApacheDS.
> See for instance here for a very brief explanation
> or give Google a try (so did I for the link above).
> Greetings from Nuremberg,
>      Stefan

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