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From Markus Pohle <>
Subject [ApacheDS 1.5.1] unable to search for uniqueMember
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 17:03:30 GMT

Hi List Members,

I installed ApacheDS in Version 1.5.1 on Linux (Centos 4.3) with Sun  
JDK 1.5.0_10 with the rpm pachage available as download from

After installation I configured my own partion in server.xml and  
created a basic ldap structur with some content. (server.xml and ldif  
file can be found here:

When I connect to the server with Apache Directory Studio and do a  
search by hitting control-h and setting search base as  
"dc=douglasholding", filter as "(uid=*kelly*)" and scope as "Subtree"  
I get as result 2 entrys, one real user and the corresponding alias  

When I now try to do a search with the above conditions except that I  
set the search filter to "(uniqueMember=*kelly*)" the Directory Studio  
gives as result:
Error while performing search
   [LDAP: error code 33 - failed on search operation: Unexpected exception.]
   [LDAP: error code 33 - failed on search operation: Unexpected exception.]

Now I tried that from a bash with ldapsearch. Searching for uid  
delivers the following:
[root@backupserv ~]#  ldapsearch -h -p  
10389 -x -D "uid=admin,ou=system" -w secret -b "dc=DOUGLASHOLDING" -s  
sub "(uid=*kelly*)"
Result: 2

But searching for uniqueMember delivers:
[root@backupserv ~]#  ldapsearch -h -p  
10389 -x -D "uid=admin,ou=system" -w secret -b "dc=DOUGLASHOLDING" -s  
sub "(uniqueMember=*kelly*)"
# extended LDIF
# LDAPv3
# base <dc=DOUGLASHOLDING> with scope sub
# filter: (uniqueMember=*kelly*)
# requesting: ALL

# search result
search: 2
result: 33 Alias problem
text: failed on search operation: Unexpected exception.

# numResponses: 1

Does anybody know what that happens? Any tip is appreciated!

Markus Pohle

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