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From "Olivier Schmitt" <>
Subject RE: Logging LDAP requests
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 19:01:42 GMT
Thanks for the tips, I have put this in my config file, but it doesn't seem
to be working correctly.
Yes, I am using WinXP, do you think there are issue with log4j specifically
on windows?

Yes, I can connect to ADS from the Studio UI and other UIs as well with no
problem. But I would like the ability to "spy" on the requests coming into
the server. To compare for example the requests issued by Studio and the
requests issued by my business app which fails to retrieve the users for
some reason.



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From: [] On Behalf Of Alex
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 7:38 PM
Subject: Re: Logging LDAP requests

On 10/8/07, Olivier Schmitt <> wrote:
> I am a new user of Apache Directory Server 1.5, and so far I love it!
> It is pretty easy to use and configure, and the Studio UI is nice too.

Cool beans!

Now, I am trying figure out why my business app cannot connect to it.
> In order to better understand what is going wrong, I would like to enable
> logging of LDAP requests coming into the server.

It should not matter but sometimes Windows does odd things with logging
so could you let us know if you're running on windows or not?

As recommended on the page
> I tinkered with the logging parameters, but could not find appropriate
> level
> of detail I am interested in, it would report either nothing, or a huge
> lot
> of things I cant make sense of.

Right you probably set the global log level and that just turned on

Is there a simple way to set the logging to display something like this?
> - LDAP server received BIND request (+details of bind request)
> - LDAP server received SEARCH request (+details or search request)

I would leave the global log level on WARN and add the following lines to
your then tweak (comment out) them depending on what you're
#General Frontend Handling
#For SASL binds
#For Simple binds

There's more to it if you want to get into the internals.  I would first
write a simple
application and make sure you can connect to the server or just use Studio
to do
it to confirm it is configured properly and go from there.


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