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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: hi,some page of <Basic User's Guide> doesn't work
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2007 17:34:38 GMT
Thanks for the snapshot. It seems that the page is really FU on IE 7
on your computer. Sadly, I don't have W$ on my computer, and if I test
this page on a friend's computer using ie6, it seems to be ok. Someone
else will check on IE 7 tomorrow


On 9/8/07, Johnny Yangthur <> wrote:
>  it seems that you guys really attention those pages, could i gave a
> screen-sanpshoot of the appearance of this page display in ie7(and 6) in the
> attachment?
> i don't wan't to persuade you to use or codeing in ie dialect, but someone
> initial practice from ie (the tag,the dom,the css, the javascript(Jscript))
> will hard to switch to firefox.
> as my apinion,the msdn is easy to refer while the firefox have no doc
> yet.(some one told me to refer W3C,because the firefox is very standard that
> no need doc any more.),exactly as my English level, the W3C is hard to
> read,especially they just define with no guarantee if any one or  any
> manufacturer had implemented those functionality. so , with no
> practice planform depend on , which concept can hard to understand.
> i know the browser war.^_^.so , i just complaint on my own problem.^_^.
> and if i switch to firefox, there is not maxthon edition for firefox ^_^.
> i really want to switch and learn more about linux and firefox ,even more
> the new kind of os(some planform just let java code as  its script runs
> on,and can turn to binary code if wish, i hit bash which linuxer heavily
> like), but as i say ,there is no implemention yet.
> its seems i am so loneliness and boring to talk brabrabra things and lost
> the point,^_^,here is my attachment
> screen-snapshoot<>of
> .(
> j just try attachment , and that mail was rejected by robot)
> finally, i want say that the style of is pretty good
> and graceful.
>  <>

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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