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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: DS 1.5.1 and DNS
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 21:14:22 GMT
René Scholz a écrit :

>I would like to play with the DNS provider in this release. Because the docs
>are a little bit outdated i dont't get the whole picture to get this thing
>working. Is there somebody on this list who have a working ldif example file
>from where i can go further?
Hi René,

it's a little bit embarrassing, because we don't have many people here 
who knows about this specific code. At some point, we even thought about 
sandboxing it, as we don't have a lot of committers wanting to suport 
this code...

I would suggest two things :
1) read the code, because you won't find any kind of doco on the site, 
sadly... Maybe one committer can give you a hand ?
2) if you want to get involved into this code, you are just welcome ! 
I'm pretty sure that this piece of code needs bug fixes, java doc, 
documentation, improvement, whatsoever. Be one of us, you will be warmly 
welcomed !


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