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From Anders Bergquist <>
Subject Re: Thunderbird and ADS
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2007 08:27:36 GMT
You are correct Ben.

If you look at the tutorial closely you can see the letter "H" typed in 
the top right corner. Typing a char into that field worked for me, I do 
get the list of contacts starting with the letter "A" when I type "A". 
This means that everything is working as it is defined to do.

My actual goal is to have a synchronized mailbox and address book in 
Thunderbird. The email is now using IMAP and I found an address book 
synchronizer addon which might solve the book problem.
But it would be nice if thunderbird would have some sort of cache 
function for the ldap stuff but I guess that is a question for an 
entirely different mailing list :)

Regards Anders

Ben Madsen wrote:
> Just to rule out a basic possibility... Thunderbird doesn't, by 
> default, query an LDAP server unless you start typing something in the 
> search box.  Can you type something in the search box and see if it 
> finds anything?  It could take a couple of characters, I can't 
> remember what the fewest is, but I definitely remember Thunderbird 
> having this design.  I guess the thinking is that it shouldn't 
> auto-search an LDAP server because the LDAP addressbook could contain 
> thousands of addresses, overwhelming the client in both bandwidth and 
> sheer volume of unnecessary information.
> Hope this helps.
> -Ben
> Benjamin Madsen
> Systems Architect
> ECbridges, Inc.
> Email:
> <>
> Office:
> (925) 771-5535
> IM (Jabber <>):
> [Status]
> Anders Bergquist wrote:
>> Hi
>> I just installed Apache Directory Service , (both server and client).
>> I then followed the instructions in 
>> Pressing "Download now" under "Offline" in the LDAP dialog, I get 
>> "Replication succeeded".
>> Auto completion works fine when typing in an address in the "to:" 
>> field of a new email.
>> However, address book is empty. No contacts are visible even though 
>> they can be auto completed.
>> I use Thunderbird and ADS 1.0.2
>> Anyone else have this problem?
>> Regards Anders

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