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From "George Stoianov" <>
Subject Re: LDAP Filter general question
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 10:08:24 GMT
Thanks Emmanuel. Yes it does help, now I do not have to waste my time
searching for something like that :). I will have to build it or find
another way. A lot of data maintenance tasks are very much helped by
the relation capabilities of a database unfortunately ldap servers
require processing of records in a one by one fashion. In my case I
have to identify problematic records that should contain similar data
in 2 independent attributes of the same object, to do that I have to
pass the object's identifier retrieve all attribute values and compare
them we are talking 100 000 +. Compared to sql I can write a query
that will go ahead do the comparison and bring back the results that I
am looking for it can even do the updating for me ... for my scenario
much better :), oh well that's life ;)

Thank you again.

On 8/28/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> Hi George,
> i'm not sure to understand your question about filters. I'm afraid
> that you can't filter a request using the result of the first request,
> as you can with a SELECT request on a database. Such request as :
> SELECT xxx FROM table yyy WHERE column in ( SELECT zzz ....) is not
> possible in LDAP.
> I have no idea if there is a tool which helps converting a LDAP tree
> to a DB schema.
> What I would add is that if you try to think 'relational' when using a
> LDAP server, which is intrinsicly hierarchical, then you are in a dead
> end...
> Hope it helps.
> On 8/28/07, George Stoianov <> wrote:
> > Hello guys,
> >
> > I have a general question. I was wondering if it is possble to nest
> > search filter. What I am trying to do is compare a value being
> > returned in the result from the server to another one being returned,
> > is that possible??
> >
> > If not, do you know of a tool to convert an ldap tree to a db schema?
> > Thanks
> >
> --
> Regards,
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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