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From J-C Walmetz <>
Subject ApacheDS on Windows vs Microsoft ADAM
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 07:27:28 GMT

I currently uses Microsoft ADAM from a JBoss application server to manage my authentication.
I'd like to know if I can find some comparison between this two directory system ?

I have several way to use ADAM, is it possible to do the same with apacheDS:
1- My system is not connected to enterprise active directory, but I have several Adam and
I use a multi-master replication. With Adam, I am not able to replicate only a part on the
directory (I do not want to replicate some OU). Is it possible to do replication between apache
DS ? Is it possible to replicate only a part of the directory ?

2- My system is synchronized with enterprise active directory. Users and password are checked
against AD, in ADAM I just have a proxy for the user. Is is possible to synchronize ApacheDS
with an active directory ? Is it possible to have proxy on AD user in order that password
will be updated immediately in the pplication when user change its password ?

3- With ADAM on windows XP I can not define a security policy (expiration of password after
3 login failure, complexity of password, ...). Is it possible to define a security policy
in ApacheDS ?

4- ADAM is not Java. I have found not solution in order that connected user in the application
has its rights on windows resources such as printer, disks, ... I suppose that I should find
a solution to connect my Java servlet session to windows. Is there such features in ApacheDS

That's a lot of questions ... Is there some usefull web pages I can consult for that kind
of issues ?

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