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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] How i can get a list of entries with an specific attribute from ApacheDS?
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 06:04:24 GMT
legolas wood wrote:
> Thank you for reading my post
> I need to write an application which should be able to extract some
> entries with specific attribute values from ApacheDS.
> I do not know where to start and how does the application look like.
> Is there any sample code which shows how to connect to ApacheDS from java
> code and retrieve a list of entries by performing a search?

Hi Legolas!

You might use this
to for the first step: Connecting to your ApacheDS instance via JNDI 
(Java Naming and Directory Interface). The page contains sample code 
(class SimpleJndiExample). JNDI is part of Java SE since 1.3, so no 
extra libraries are needed.

If this example works in your environment, do the second step: Perform a 
search operation. Emmanuel has already guided you to a good point to 
start (the page contains a Java sample). Note that JNDI is not specific 
to ApacheDS -- this is why you can use general JNDI documentation as 
well (like the JNDI tutorial).


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