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From Markus Pohle <>
Subject Re: apache ds 1.5 install problem
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 08:30:33 GMT
Hi Erdem,

lets try to find out, step by step, what the problem is.

You wrote that you downloaded the apacheds-1.5.0 version and installed 
it. While installing there where no errors shown. So, my next question is:

1. have you tried to connect to the running apacheds server which a ldap 
browser tool like Directory Studio is? This should be the first step 
after installation to make sure, that the installed server is up and 
running correctly. To do that please go to and download the 
current version for your operating system.

If done, please start Directory Studio and create a new connection 
configuration with these parameters (based on your statement that you 
did not modify the server.xml file after installation):
- hostname: localhost (or whatever you installed apacheds in)
- port: 10389
- encryption: no encryption
- bind dn: uid=admin,ou=system
- bind password: secret
==> click finish

Directory Studio should no connect to apacheds. If that is successful we 
can go and try to fix the other problems that you have.

Best regards

erdem ustun schrieb:
> Hi Markus,
> thanks for writing my problems about install apache
> ds.
> first of all,
> 1.I downloaded apacheds-1.5.0 and then setup.There 
> were not any errors while installing.
> 2.I did not modify server.xml
> 3.No I did not (I am a basic konowledge about
> programming,ldap so I could not) 
> Please send me How to create an object or others.
> the other ways I could not ldap server so How I can
> you wrote that 
> (so you tried to create an object of that class? 
> by import? using a ldif file exported from another
> ldap server?)
> best regards..
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