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From Tod <>
Subject Re: Error reading children of base DN
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 13:19:31 GMT
Stefan Seelmann wrote:
>> Ok, this turned up a sizeLimitExceeded(), that seems to be part of the
>> problem.  I checked with the server owner and the size limit is set to
>> 100 entries.  Its a credible return that, IMHO, probably shouldn't cause
>> an error.
> That shouldn't cause the error. Server-side size and time limit should
> be handled in Studio. Perhaps you could try to reduce the client-side
> size limit to less than the server-side limit? You could change the
> setting in the connection properties.

I reduced the client count limit down to 50 but that didn't help.

I have access to two domino servers, one with a size limit set to 100, 
and one with unlimited.  The unlimited server is working, the one with a 
size limit is not.

When I run a command line ldapsearch against the unlimited box, I get 
all of the entries back.  When run against the limited box I get back 
100 entries and an expected size limit exceeded error.  This behavior is 
also reflected using the Jarek Gawor LDAP browser.

Just food for thought.  Let me know if I can help out in any way.

- Tod

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