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From Brian Wallis <>
Subject Cannot run two servers, shutdown port allocation fails
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 01:27:54 GMT

On mac osx 10.4. I'm trying to run two instances of apacheDS in two  
separate directory hierarchies and the second instance fails to start  
as it gets an error on startup trying to wait on the shutdown port.  
(Bootstrapper line 345 where it creates the ServerSocket)

The second server is calling AvailablePortFinder.getNextAvailable 
(30003) which is returning port 30003 as available despite the fact  
that the first server is already waiting on that port (I waited until  
it says "waiting for shutdown command on port = 30003" in the log  
before starting the second server).

Is this a bug or an oddity of running on mac osx?

brian wallis.

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