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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: HI
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 15:29:30 GMT

On 7/9/07, Hans <> wrote:
> Well actually there is, but you need to do some guesswork ;-)

what I meant is that it's not a *feature* to be able to retrieve a
password from its crypted form, it's a hack. Sadly, too many passwords
are too easy to guess ...

> Don't know if the password hash in ApacheDS is salted, though.

We support SHA, MD5 and there salted forms. We also support {crypt}

> The password hash should not be possible to extract or query by other
> means
> than backup, not through a query.

If you use Apache Directory Studio, then you can get the password as
text. If your password is something as simple as 'System', 'JamesBond'
or 'X007', then any of the listed tools will be able to crack it in a
few seconds ...

> If you are allowed to do a search like
> $ ldapsearch -b o=some.root -s sub 'userPassword="{md5}
> b4b5835f03bd6748e0cc25790d6f3498"' dn
> it would render you all objects with the attribute userPassword equal to
> "the secret password", which may not be such a good idea.
> iPlanet DS 4.x allowed searches on ueserPassword attribute with
> directory manager privs
> I found out. Have not tested if this works with ApacheDS.

It would be a good idea to forbid users to do such searches in ADS. I
now realize how bad is it to allow anyone to get everyone passwords
... Can you fill a JIRA ?

Thanks !
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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