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From Tod <>
Subject Re: Error reading children of base DN
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 18:01:03 GMT
Stefan Zoerner wrote:
> Hi Tod!
>> I'm getting an error reading the children entries against a Lotus 
>> Domino server.  I understand the reason for the error, but I'm having 
>> trouble finding the offending entry.  Is there some debug method I can 
>> use to track it down?
> You might want to give us more information in order to get help. Am I 
> right that you use Lotus Domino as your LDAP server? What technology do 
> you use to retrieve the entries (JNDI? Java at all?) etc. What does 
> "offending entry" mean? If it is not compliant to the schema, why is it 
> in your directory? You probably mean something else (but what?).

There is a Domino server that houses information in its NAB that is 
important to our customer.  I can retrieve data using perl Net::LDAP 
calls, as well as with C API calls.  I haven't tried JNDI but I 
*suspect* similar results.

As I was trying out the LDAP Studio on other LDAP servers, I pointed it 
to the Domino box to see if it would work.  When I tried to expand the 
baseDn I got the following error "Error while reading entry Empty 
Attribute is not allowed!".

I don't profess the virtues of Domino's (or ADS's) compliance with LDAP 
schema standards, I am just tasked in dealing with them :)

> Please note that this is a mailing list primarily for users of Apache 
> Directory software (like ApacheDS, Directory Studio ...). If you 
> questions related to IBM products, this is likely not the right place to 
> ask.

I understand the error above but I need more information to track down 
the entry(ies) causing that error.  It would be helpful if there was a 
way to get more details from LDAP Studio so that I could discover the 
problem with the directory and remove it, hence my post.

Incidentally, I just tried this on ADS and I get a "Error while reading 
entry, Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s)" error when trying to 
expand its baseDn.  That's probably better saved for a separate thread...

Thanks - Tod

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