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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Is ApacheDS 1.5 case-sensitive and whitespace-sensitive?
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 06:55:08 GMT
Hi Markus!

Markus Pohle wrote:
> Thx for your fast reply... your answers are what I expect ApacheDS to 
> act like. But there is one last question that I would like to ask 
> (question is at the end of this text, first some information ;-) ):
> We need to use a so called DisIbmDsUserProvider.class which acts as the 
> interconnector between the Coremedia Content Management System and our 
> LDAP Server (First IBM TDS, now as mentioned, ApacheDS). This Connector 
> sends Requests against the ApacheDS Servers that should look like this:
> DN: uid=00370029, cn=users, dc=VERWALTUNG, dc=DOUGLASHOLDING
> But what it sends instead of this (I saw it in the logfiles of our 
> Content Server but cannot see it in ApacheDS logfiles) is the following:
> DN: uid=00370029,%20cn=users,%20dc=VERWALTUNG,%20dc=DOUGLASHOLDING
> Therefore, within the whitespace encoding to %20, the ApacheDS cannot 
> resolve this request. I did a small and simple test my own doing a 
> simple search against ApacheDS from within a simple java class. An error 
> is thrown:

Are you sure, that the "%20" is sent to the LDAP server on the wire? I 
ask because I question myself whether it has worked before (with 
TivoliDS instead of ApacheDS)?. I have an IBM server here in my test 
environment. And it does not accept a bind with "cn=Tori 
Amos,%20DC=TIVOLIDS,%20DC=DEGAS" (but with "cn=Tori Amos, DC=TIVOLIDS, 

Greetings from Hamburg,

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