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From Markus Pohle <>
Subject Is ApacheDS 1.5 case-sensitive and whitespace-sensitive?
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 20:09:05 GMT
Dear list,

I do have some maybe really silly questions and apologize in advance.

We run a content management system from coremedia which authenticates 
its users against apacheds 1.5 ldap server.

This content management system started running using IBM Tivoli 
Directory Server. But due to limitations in IBM TDS we switched to 
ApacheDS and decided to use ApacheDS 1.5 cause of its 
master-master-replication possibilities and its better support of aliases.

The LDAP schema created in IBM TDS was like this:





DN: uid=00370029, cn=users, dc=VERWALTUNG, dc=DOUGLASHOLDING

We had to migrate this IBM TDS schema and had some problems with this in 
the past. So... Here comes my questions:

- Is ApacheDS case-sensitive? is there a difference for apacheds between 
dc=APPLICATIONS,dc=DOUGLASHOLDING and dc=applications,dc=douglasholding?

- Is ApacheDS whitespace-sensitive? is there a difference for apacheds 
between DN: uid=00370029, cn=users, dc=VERWALTUNG, dc=DOUGLASHOLDING and 
DN: uid=00370029,cn=users,dc=VERWALTUNG,dc=DOUGLASHOLDING?

Please, I would really appreciate any comments and replies to this.
Help is really appreciated!

Markus Pohle

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