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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] appropriate for enterprise application with self registration
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 21:31:20 GMT

LDAP and ApacheDS in particular is quite appropriate for such a task.
But of course there is nothing like self-registration in LDAP nor in
RDBMS. It's an application level requirement. For implementing such a
registration model, you may have a special user who has only rights to
add new users. Each time a new user signs up your web app, you can run
an LDAP request with that special user. The request will be a regular
Add request with new user's info. For profile updates, you may still
use your special user or each user individually.


On 6/5/07, Greg Parker <> wrote:
> I have been investigating ApacheDS for use with an enterprise
> application that I am developing.  A directory would seem to suit my
> data model perfectly.  However, one requirement is that I need to
> support self-registration.  Most of the use cases I have seen involve
> back-end administration of users, groups, et cetera.  Unfortunately, I
> won't know who my users are until they sign up.  Is there a reason I am
> not seeing more projects that use ApacheDS/LDAP in this way, or am I
> just looking in the wrong places?

Ersin Er

R.A. and Ph.D Student at the Dept. of Computer Eng. in Hacettepe University

Committer and PMC Member of The Apache Directory Project

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