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From Jo Jeeka <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Custom schema problem adding objectclass
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 16:10:31 GMT

I am close to getting my custom schema in...

I am getting this error:
OID for name 'groupofurls' was not found within the
OID registry

I thought if I added an objectclass definition in the
schema that I could use it (with nothing else).  Even
though on this page:
it shows a CreateAttributeType class I thought that
this was generated after mvn package command.  I have
code generated similar to what is in the
CrateAttributeType class on the link above in this
file generated file 

Bottom line, do I need to do more than declare a
custom objectclass in the schema for it to be usable? 
I'm confused on that.  If not, any idea why I can't
use it?  I have done a mvn clean and refreshed my
project and then ran the unit test.


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