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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Alternate back-ends
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 17:32:10 GMT
Barber, Dan (Contractor) a écrit :

>As far as building the source. We need to target 1.5 due to it's increased support for
secure logins. I've been using the instructions from this page,
It's quite possible that I've just simply missed a step or done something silly since some
of these tools are still new to me.
>I have installed Maven 2.0.4.
I think you need maven 2.0.5, now (AFAIK, there are some bugs in 2.0.4 
which can cause pbs). 2.0.6 will work too.

Which JVM are you using ?

>I've installed SVN and run the command
>svn co apacheds-trunk
>Then, inside the directory apacheds-trunk I run mvn install. Here are the errors I'm getting.
>Failed tests:
>  testOneEntryImport(
>  testTenEntriesImport(
>  testTwoEntriesImportOneOnErrorAndOneOk(
>  testOneEntryImportWithEntryAddedNotification(
>  testRFC2849Sample1(
>  testRFC2849Sample2(
>  testRFC2849Sample3(
>  testRFC2849Sample3VariousSpacing(
>  testExportCommand(
>  testOneEntryImport(
>My guess is I've just missed something simple. Any help you can offer would be greatly
It would be interesting to have the surefire logs (it's generated by 
maven, with the failing class name followed by a .txt, like


somwhere on your disk.


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