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From Markus Pohle <>
Subject Re: issues with adding my own partition resp. suffix in conf/server.xml
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 09:53:01 GMT

Hi Robin,

there is no bug in apacheds with adding your own partition :-)

first: did you really made the changes like shown in the example? did  
you added a ref bean entry in contextPartitionConfigurations with your  
partitions id, like seen in the example?

second: is it sure that there is no misspelling between  
contextPartitionConfigurations bean entry and the id in your partition?

third: what do you see, when you try to bind to your apacheds ldap? do  
you see as root entries ou=schema or ou=system?

fourth: can you bind to the ldap server? is it really running? what  
does the apacheds-rolling.log logfile say?

fifth: from your server.xml file paste the  
contextPartitionConfigurations section and your own partition  


Zitat von robin bajaj <>:

> I am trying to do the following
> Adding your own partition resp.
> suffix<>
> by following this section in apacheds 1.x user's guide
> I make the changes in the conf/server.xml file and restart the server. But I
> still don't see it pick up my changes.
> I have tried using both softerra ldap browser and jxplorer ldap client (with
> the same results.)
> is it a known bug in apacheds or is there something wrong that I am doing in
> this case,
> my OS is windowsXP.
> thanks in advance for any helpful pointers,
> robin

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