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From Markus Pohle <>
Subject Re: migratiting to ApacheDS
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 07:24:09 GMT

Hi Juergen,

yes I had the same problem, or a similar one, that I needed an  
objectclass that is no longer available. What I did is, that I, as  
Alex or Stefan or Emmanuel told me, used an LDAP schema that is more  
compliant to the standards.

Had also the problem that I needed the attribute cn, which I used from  
objectclass container. I uses corbaContainer for that, the first time,  
now I use organizationalRole which is even better.

In ApacheDS 1.5 corbaContainer is no longer available.


Zitat von jasche <>:

> Hi Stefan and Emmanuel,
> thanks a lot for Your quick response. Ok I will try my luck with the
> 1.5 release.
> The actual schema definition I am missing is:
> objectclass (
> NAME 'container'
> DESC 'An object that can contain other objects.'
> SUP top
> MUST cn )
> or similar. Browsing through the archive I have seen that someone had
> the same problem a month ago but with no solution presented at least I
> could understand.
> The network directory server is tivoli (I guess)
> With the best wishes from the alps
> J├╝rgen
> Sent to you by jasche via Google Reader: Re: migratiting to ApacheDS
> via Archives by Stefan Zoerner
> <> on May 23, 2007 Hi J rgen! Juergen Aschenbrenner
> wrote: > In order to develop and test components offline I am currently
> trying to > migrate a directory from the network to my local machine
> using ApacheDS > 1.0. I would recommend to use ApacheDS 1.5, although
> it is not a stable release yet. But the schema subsystem is much more
> powerful, and extending or changing the schema is much easier with it.
>> Though it seems that ApacheDS does not fully understand the schema
> used by > the network directory. Relatively new to the concept of
> modelling a > directory I learned that it should it be possible to
> customize or extend a > schema in order to migrate or replicate
> schemas. > > Could someone here in this mailing list give me a hint how
> to do this. A possible starting point on how to learn to add new schema
> elements to the ApacheDS 1.5 server is here:
> Do you have more information about the missing schema elements? What
> type of network directory do you use (ApacheDS is a network server as
> well, btw.)? Perhaps, one of us can support you with your task. I hope
> this helps, Greetings from Hamburg, Stefan
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