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From "Martin Marcher" <>
Subject Re: Alias Problem "failed on search operation: attributeType w/ OID not registered!"
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 21:17:37 GMT
On 5/8/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> You know what ? We would be very interested if you can write a simple
> 'How to' which can be included into the doco. We have  a few articles
> ( which
> describe ADS usage. We are interesting by some more !

Good point (and a good time for that too),

any guidelines for that how to write it?

Our company is moving to a new location which will involve migrating
different account systems to ldap and probably kerberos (hope to do
that in apacheds too) that will involve a major redesign of the
network too, which has grown in the last few month to a status that is
annoying at best.

All of this has to be finished until mid of june latest.

Currently we are running an _old_ openLDAP for user logins, an old
open-xchange setup (using another ldap) that some trainee set up,
jabber server (with postgres backend) a few webapps with apache auth,
a crm ( that can do ldap but uses mysql now. Mail
with another postgres backend,.....

Plan is to provide ldap logins (or generate the data from ldap if the
app can't work with it, personally I'm using python although our
developers do java). So this article could become a little longer.

Usually I do the docs in latex but i'm in the process of switching to
docbook (more or less) so that could be directly integrated into the
apacheds site (if you want that).


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