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From "Martin Marcher" <>
Subject Re: Alias Problem "failed on search operation: attributeType w/ OID not registered!"
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 20:23:52 GMT
On 5/8/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> Martin Marcher a écrit :
> > Having to reload the data isn't much of a problem for me, our
> > directory is quite small and I guess reloading won't take long but all
> > of the entries not being accessible any more seems
> >
> > a) PEBCAK (which i suspect in the first place here) or
> > b) not good at all
> >
> Very true ... But we are currently working to ease the user feelings :
> the next version will store the full configuration into ADS itself, so
> we will be able to trigger a store procedure to create an index when
> added dynamically, using two of the cool features ADS offers : triggers
> and SP !

uh, oh all self contained, nice - now the only thing missing is
postgresql providing something to store authorization in ldap - ok
that truly is not your issue :)

> Can you fill a JIRA so that we remember to fix this problem ?

already on it's way...just putting together all the info...

> Thanks for using ADS, and thanks a lot for being kind with us, when you
> have spoiled hours trying to deal with Index ...

hehe, i was just thinking "those poor guys/girls at apacheds have to
deal with people like me, probably shooting myself in the foot and
expect them to fix it".

Don't worry I consider myself at best a junior level sysadmin with too
little time and to much on the "to read" list. (Guess I'm not the only
one on the planet with this problem).

I'm more glad to have an ldap server that finally "just runs" :)

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