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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS 1.5 Maven Build Error on AIX 5.3 with IBM JDK 1.5.0 64bit
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 22:42:27 GMT
Hi Enrique,

I confirm this is an issue with IBM JRE (I have the very same pb on my 
linux box).

Maven profile sounds a good short term solution to me. As Alex says, we 
should find a way to build the server with any JVM asap, and then spend 
some time finding a better solution for IBM JRE.

btw, I switcehd to Sun JVM 6 just to be able to build the server, sadly, 
not something possible for those under AIX :(


Alex Karasulu a écrit :

> Or for a shorter term work around could you either disable the tests that
> cause this failure.  Or
> perhaps just enable them as you did before to detect if the crypto
> functionality is present and
> if not bypass the test?  This might be a nice quick fix then we can 
> take #4
> as an option for the
> long term?
> Alex
> On 5/23/07, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
>> On 5/23/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
>> > Hmmm this may be an issue of some tests using SUN specific
>> classes.  Enrique
>> > what do you think?
>> The IBM JRE's are notorious for not shipping with some widely used
>> crypto.  Web services have the same problem.  This isn't an issue that
>> "unlimited strength" policy will fix.
>> We have a couple options I'll throw out there:
>> 1)  We can require ApacheDS to build on certain VMs (just noting it as
>> an option ...).
>> 2)  We can require users of the IBM JRE to install a provider that
>> does support CTS mode, RC4/ARCFOUR, and possibly something else,
>> judging from the errors.  Installing a provider is easy; one line in a
>> config file and a provider JAR in the right place.  I would write
>> instructions for setting this up.
>> Something like:
>> $ cd /opt/ibm/java2-x86_64-50/jre/lib/ext
>> $ wget
>> $ cd /opt/ibm/java2-x86_64-50/jre/lib/security
>> $ vi
>> Add this line after the other providers, for example at position 6:
>> security.provider.6=org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider
>> 3)  I can rework the Kerberos tests to use a Maven 2 profile,
>> something like -Dkerberos, like we do with integration and performance
>> tests.  I can then group any tests using CTS mode, RC4/ARCFOUR,
>> AES-256, etc., to run using this profile.
>> 4)  I can modify the exception hierarchy to handle more missing cases.
>> Likely this is limited to 2-3 classes, so might not be too big of a
>> deal.  Similarly the tests would get updated.  The big issue here, for
>> me, is getting the right dev & test environment setup.  If it's not
>> the platform but just the IBM JRE then that's easy; I install an IBM
>> JRE locally.
>> I'm thinking out loud here; pretty much the answer is to handle this
>> in the exception hierarchy (#4).  Timing could be later this week or
>> early next.
>> Will 'maven.test.skip' hold things over for a few days?  Or the
>> provider install in #2?
>> $ mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean install
>> Enrique
>> Caused by: Cipher mode: CTS not
>> found
>>         at 
>> Source)
>>         at javax.crypto.Cipher$a_.a(Unknown Source)
>>         ... 35 more
>> Cannot find any provider
>> supporting AES/CTS/NoPadding

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