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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: migratiting to ApacheDS
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 11:30:44 GMT
Hi J├╝rgen!

Juergen Aschenbrenner wrote:

> In order to develop and test components offline I am currently trying to
> migrate a directory from the network to my local machine using ApacheDS 
> 1.0.

I would recommend to use ApacheDS 1.5, although it is not a stable 
release yet. But the schema subsystem is much more powerful, and 
extending or changing the schema is much easier with it.

> Though it seems that ApacheDS does not fully understand the schema used by
> the network directory. Relatively new to the concept of modelling a
> directory I learned that it should it be possible to customize or extend a
> schema in order to migrate or replicate schemas.
> Could someone here in this mailing list give me a hint how to do this.

A possible starting point on how to learn to add new schema elements to 
the ApacheDS 1.5 server is here:

Do you have more information about the missing schema elements? What 
type of network directory do you use (ApacheDS is a network server as 
well, btw.)? Perhaps, one of us can support you with your task.

I hope this helps, Greetings from Hamburg,

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