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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: performance generally
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 23:14:06 GMT
Andrew C. Oliver a écrit :

> As is probably obvious I'm working on TBird integration.  In comparing
> opends ( with the default configuration and
> example data the return results are much faster than ADS 1.0 (as noted
> 1.5 is not working ATM
>  Is it just a
> configuration, storage thing or index thing or a real differential?

I don't know. It will depend on the configuration (cache size, index, 
etc...). FYI, I'm running performance tests atm, and I must say that ADS 
is pretty fast on my laptop (Centrino 1,8 Hhz) : more than 4 000 random 
search requests per second.

At this point, you will have to post the configuration you are using, 
your schema (if any) and a sample of your data

> I followed the tutorial (as mentioned previously) then loaded the OpenDS
> example data into ApacheDS via the apacheds eclipse plugin thingy ldif
> export/import.  then I used a regexp
> For whatever reason a few entries didn't get copied to ApacheDS
> (probably I missed a limit to 1000 or something).  However that should
> have only affected the results in the other direction.

Which entries? Which error did you got?

> Searches on general things like A or B and specific things like Bonnar
> or "Bonnar Billoteau" show the same perceivable performance difference.

If no index are set on the associated attributes, and if your cache is 
small, and if you have a lot of entries, then performances will 
generally suck.

>  This bears out in both the GUI and Wireshark as to returned result
> timings.  ApacheDS handling thing connection better/faster but OpenDS
> handling the response in the sub-sub ms rounding error.

4000 req/s means is around 0,25 ms on ADS. Of course, this will depend 
on your CPU, memory, disk, network, etc.

Can you give us more information?

Thanks !

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