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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject performance generally
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 19:12:23 GMT
As is probably obvious I'm working on TBird integration.  In comparing
opends ( with the default configuration and
example data the return results are much faster than ADS 1.0 (as noted
1.5 is not working ATM  Is it just a
configuration, storage thing or index thing or a real differential?

I followed the tutorial (as mentioned previously) then loaded the OpenDS
example data into ApacheDS via the apacheds eclipse plugin thingy ldif
export/import.  then I used a regexp

For whatever reason a few entries didn't get copied to ApacheDS
(probably I missed a limit to 1000 or something).  However that should
have only affected the results in the other direction.

Searches on general things like A or B and specific things like Bonnar
or "Bonnar Billoteau" show the same perceivable performance difference.
  This bears out in both the GUI and Wireshark as to returned result
timings.  ApacheDS handling thing connection better/faster but OpenDS
handling the response in the sub-sub ms rounding error.



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