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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: SambaXP talk
Date Sat, 05 May 2007 08:47:39 GMT
Hi Howard!

Howard Chu wrote:
> Another thing to keep in mind - unlike FedoraDS (and Sun DSEE), OpenLDAP
> is fully RFC compliant, does full schema checking, and fully implements
> the X.500 data model. It does all that and is still over 3 times faster.
> It's not just about speed; correctness still comes first. With good
> engineering you don't have to sacrifice correctness to get performance.

I just wanted to note that I 100% agree with your statement about how 
important standard compliance is; especially in the area I work (EAI). 
It therefore perfectly fits that correctness was one of the primary 
goals ApacheDS 1.0 planned to achieve.

It is difficult to measure standard compliance. Passing the LDAP 
certification of the Open Group
was one idea we had to get feedback in this area.

ApacheDS 1.0 get certified by the Open Group in Oct. 2006, and we will 
continue to release exclusively versions which fulfill their 
requirements (knowing that the tests are not complete; and therefore 
can't *prove* correctness).

Greetings from Hamburg,


Stefan Zoerner (
Committer :: PMC Member

Apache Directory Project

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