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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: SambaXP talk
Date Sat, 05 May 2007 06:04:44 GMT
Hi Howard,

Howard Chu a écrit :

> For anyone curious, the slides from my presentation at the SambaXP
> conference last week are now up on my web site.

Thanks for the slides, there are interesting numbers in it, though not 
very pleasant for us ;)

> Much of the material on malloc benchmarking was already presented at
> SCALE5x earlier this year. New material in these slides include
> benchmark results for OpenLDAP 2.3.34 vs FedoraDS 1.0.4, OpenDS 0.1-34,
> and ApacheDS 1.0.1 on Linux 2.6. The machine used for these tests is the
> same SunFire X4100 used in these tests last year
> Some earlier discussion of these results is also on the Connexitor blog:

Is it possible that you post the configuration you have used for A2pache 
DS (server.xml, and java version ?).


> Another thing to keep in mind - unlike FedoraDS (and Sun DSEE), OpenLDAP
> is fully RFC compliant, does full schema checking, and fully implements
> the X.500 data model. It does all that and is still over 3 times faster.
> It's not just about speed; correctness still comes first. With good
> engineering you don't have to sacrifice correctness to get performance.

Very true. We have worked on correctness first too, and we are not 
finished yet, but performance is also somewhere back in our mind. It 
takes time to get correctness, and if you are not starting with a lot of 
experience like Sun guys did (they have SunDS running for a loooong time 
before they started OpenDS), you have to dedicate a lot of time on 

Just expect to see ApacheDS improving by a large margin in the 
performance field in the next few months (hey, we have a wide margin for 
improvment ;)

It could be interesting if we can share the very same tests so that the 
comparizon would be fair.

If you are going for a new injector tool, then may be we can share some 
ideas about it. Basically, I buy the idea.

Thanks for the feedback !

PS: keyboard is dead :( RIP.

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